• Nora Ephron: I Hate My Purse

    My mother recently shared an essay with me called, “I Hate My Purse”. It stuck with me and I though that many would relate. This may feel odd to some of my fellow fashion lovers because we are the ones who generally LOVE our purses. However when I need to find anything within my purse I realize that there are times that I do, in fact, hate my purse. I wanted to share this essay with you because if you find yourself to be a purse hater, you are not alone. 

    Here is a link to the essay, I Hate My Purse by Nora Ephron:

  • Trend I am Loving: Velvet

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have been drawn to anything velvet. I think of velvet as being very luxurious, something straight from the royal family. Colors even seem richer when produced in velvet. I am also a very tactile person and love how soft it can be. Now don't get me wrong, I have encountered some bad velvet in my time, but as velvet becomes one of fall/winters trends the quality has increased. 

    There is something about velvet that is perfect for the holidays. As a young girl I remember one of my favorite Christmas dresses when I was in elementary school was velvet. It was a black velvet frock with somewhat large satin cuffs and a collar, which of course I paired with a large velvet bow pinned to the top of my ponytail. I remember this look fondly, I felt fancy at my Christmas concert and remember seeing the dress in the store and instantly falling in love. I have been waiting patiently for the day when I could recreate this look and velvet became a trend, once again.

    Would you incorporate velvet into your wardrobe? If you are unsure if this trend is for you but want to give it a try; begin by using velvet accessories. By adding a velvet headband, bag, or a pair of shoes is a fun way to add new textures into your outfit. Focus on what you are comfortable with, and try to find a piece that you really like and feel like you would incorporate into an outfit. 

    Another way to subtly include velvet into your wardrobe is through makeup. In the cosmetics world you hear about something resulting in a velvet finish. A product that has a velvet finish means that after application it will have a soft looking finish with high color intensity, the product will often have a plush velvety look and feel. Products described as having a velvet finish will be either matte or slightly satin in their result. 

    Would you incorporate velvet into your wardrobe or do you find it totally cringe worthy?